Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 22, 2013

Le belle province & food trucks

Quebec - Montreal food truck logoWhen I moved to Ontario from British Columbia, I had two travel plans in mind during my first year of journalism school – go to New York City and visit Montreal.

Since then, I’ve tried to regularly visit La belle province of Quebec – and each time I’ve found something new and reaffirmed my love for Montreal.

The city’s rhythm is distinct, heavily influenced by the French immigrants who made their way to these shores centuries ago. The city of Montreal is proud of its past, but its really its the present that lures me – and its quirky attitude.

With a culture that has always been obsessed with food, its no surprise to me that this city would introduce food trucks in a unique way: all the food trucks are created by local restaurants – but focusing on a new way to introduce their in-house cuisine.

A pilot program of the city, there are 17 food trucks roaming the streets of Ville-Marie, with designated spots.

Fans can follow their favourites on Twitter or check out the Rue de Cuisine site, which lists where to find all the trucks every day.

Montreal - Grumman 78

I indulged soon after arriving in Montreal at Grumman ’78, standing in line with all the office workers needing a tasty lunch and ordering banh mi tacos, which I happily enjoyed while sitting under the trees at Place du Canada.

It wasn’t just a tasty lunch, but seemed fitting that I would start my time in Montreal manger a l’exterieur, classically French with a modern twist.


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