Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 23, 2013

An unexpected gallery

After five hours on the train, I was happy to explore the city of Montreal and see what was going on – and soon I spotted something that I had to check out.

As I sat in the park at Place du Canada, I noticed something in the trees – not birds, but art.

Montreal - birdhouses

There were birdhouses – brightly coloured small wood structures, hung high in the tree.

But were they for the birds or truly just an art installation? There was no information in the park – and as I’ve found, no information online either – except for a few inquiries like mine – who put them there?

There are at least 20 of these wee houses in the trees, hung on different branches – each identical to each other in style but in different colour combinations.

These birdhouses could be functional – yet it seemed more like an art installation – and subtle, that most people wouldn’t notice the houses, decorating the skyline, and on display for those who look up, way up.


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