Posted by: Waheeda Harris | July 26, 2013

Street views of Montreal

Visitors to Montreal will see many things on the streets of Montreal – cool shops, unique restaurants and many stylish locals. And for those who aren’t from Quebec, they will also notice that all the signs are in French:

Montreal - Sainte Catherine

Because of the laws of this province, there aren’t any signs allowed in English, unless its corporate name. Its makes this city distinct from the rest of Canada, where signs in French (or other languages) do occur, but aren’t legislated.

And its also a city known for its sexy underbelly – and for clubs with unique sign names:

Montreal - Supersexe

But what really makes walking the streets of Montreal memorable? Its street performers, like this gentleman who used a fishing lure and Nemo to encourage a tip for photos as he played guitar:

Montreal - fishin

Only in Montreal.


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