Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 14, 2013

Learning history through music

There are many ways to learn history – and in New Orleans, one of the best ways to learn about the city’s history is through music.

As the birthplace of jazz and so many of its pioneers, just listening to this particular musical artform can be a welcome history lesson.

It can be teens on the streets of the French Quarter, wanting to show off their newly acquired chops by playing the well-known tunes of the jazz catalogue:

New Orleans - street band

Or it can be the sweet sounds of jazz mixed with rhythm and blues and pop, as done regularly by the Rebirth Brass Band at the Maple Leaf:

New Orleans - Rebirth Brass Band

Or it can be at the Old US Mint, with its in-house musical series or its annual support of Satchmo Summerfest, a three day festival, celebrating the sweet sounds of native son and trumpet player Louis Armstrong:

New Orleans - Dukes at Satchmofest

Its a history lesson that’s easy to find and can be a welcome way to learn about the traditional heart of New Orleans – music.


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