Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 15, 2013

Urban farming in Nola

Food is intrinsically linked with Louisiana and New Orleans, but no one thinks about that this state can also grow a wild range of things. Rice has been a longtime crop here, but there’s also the ability to grow produce such as bananas:

New Orleans - bananas

I first noticed the deep hue of the flowers but then realized that there were bananas – happily growing in the steamy heat and humidity within the city of New Orleans.

And of course, being the southern United States, there’s another crop that can easily be grown in people’s backyards – citrus. And if inspired by their Caribbean neighbours or the diehard cocktail culture – limes:

New Orleans - limes

In my friends’ neighbourhood of Algiers Point, I saw several lime trees, heavy with fruit ripening in the sun. And lucky for me, hanging on the sidewalk side of the fence.

And I spotted another fruit, which I learned was calamansi, a small citrus popular in The Phillipines and also easily grown in hot and humid Nola:
New Orleans - calamansi

And of course this focuses on trees – this doesn’t count the veggies that I saw sprouting in numerous backyards or the endless amounts of flowers seen surrounding many houses, like this beautiful bird of paradise – it may not be the tropics, but Nola certainly makes you feel like you’re in a distinctive place:
New Orleans - bird of paradise

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