Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 19, 2013

A day at the beach

Spending time in New Orleans in the summer, there’s a desire to escape the relentless heat and humidity and go to the beach.

For those who don’t know their geography, the city of New Orleans is NOT on the Gulf – its on the Mississippi River.

You can drive south to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana, but to get to the beach, its better to drive north, then east to Mississippi, Alabama or Florida.

So we packed up the cars and went east:

New Orleans - beach road trip

Me and my friends arrived at Mississippi’s Pass Christian beach sadly the sun didn’t come with us:


But we made the best of it – first getting our ya-yas out by chasing the seagulls:

Mississippi - Pass Christian beach

And playing in the sand:

Mississippi - Keller sand

And spotting a sea urchin:

Mississippi - sea urchin

Going swimming in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, splashing around, taking photos – then it was time to relax on the beach:

Mississippi - PC beach

So it wasn’t a picture perfect day – but for us, it was fun for all of us to act like kids and run around…

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