Posted by: Waheeda Harris | August 22, 2013

Heading into the bayou

Despite my numerous visits to the state of Louisiana, I’ve almost always fixated on visiting New Orleans. On this summer trip, I had a few more firsts, and one of them was to head into the swamp and bayou.

Louisiana - swamp collage A

It was a lot prettier than I expected and definitely there was lots of see – the changing vegetation of the shoreline, the locals who live in the area (including my fave seen above, a Cajun hot tub aka a bathtub outside painted red) and plenty of wildlife – many many alligators – but also several groups of turtles sunning themselves on exposed logs.

Louisiana - swamp collage B

As we left the wide open spaces of the river system and went into the bayou – it was a lot more shallow and we got to see an occasional flower among the lush trees that crowded around the waterways. As we neared the end of one such place, a trio of wild pigs came close to the boat – an odd sight for this urban girl.

Louisiana - bayou dragonfly

And near the end of our over two hour tour, a dragonfly landed beside me – a sure sign of good luck and a perfect last sight before heading back into the big city.


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