Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 3, 2013

Good cooking with Right Some Good

One of the reasons I was visiting Cape Breton Island in August was to attend the Right Some Good Festival – dedicated to Cape Breton Island’s foodie offerings.

Bringing in internationally-known chefs to work with locally-known chefs and apprentice chefs, the festival was a combination of seminars, pop-up dinners and cooking classes.

So from the farm I visited, where we chose ingredients that would be incorporated into lunch, we proceeded to the Cheticamp highschool to learn, cook and dine on fresh produce such as these beets:

NS - RSG beets

And that flowers are edible:

NS - RSG cooking class

To learn that cooking is fun thanks to The Kilted Chef:

NS - The Kilted Chef

That cooking also means learning about making cocktails with Chef Michael Reidt:

NS - RSG Chef Reidt

And that a room full of strangers can easily become friends when food is involved:

NS - RSG cooking class luncheon

And that I got to know how to make a tasty watermelon salad – with cucumber, basil, almonds, walnuts, parmesan & lime:

NS - RSG watermelon salad

When its fresh, its always going to be good.

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