Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 4, 2013

Good eats, Cape Breton style

I had no doubts about eating well while on Cape Breton Island – with the plethora of seafood, I knew meals would be dominated by the local catch.

Although I couldn’t enjoy the tasty treat of fresh lobster – I happily witnessed it being enjoyed by many others, like these just-cooked crustaceans from a lobster boil on the beach at Inverary Resort on Baddeck Bay:

NS - lobster boil


Or a tasty and very traditional lobster roll from The Rusty Anchor in Pleasant Bay:

NS - Rusty Anchor lobster roll


But there were other seafood options, like these scallops at The Glenora Inn & Distillery:

NS - Glenora scallops


Or mussels steamed with garlic and lemon from Inverary Resort:

NS - Inverary mussels


Or for this BC salmon-obsessed girl, wild-caught Atlantic salmon sliders at The Rusty Anchor:

NS - Rusty Anchor salmon slider


Or tasty mushroom dusted halibut with beets, one of the courses at the Right Some Good pop up dinner in Inverness:

NS - RSG pop up dins -halibut


And even when I wasn’t looking to eat, there was good options, such as freshly-shucked oysters at the Mabou Farmers’ Market:

NS - Mabou market


Why resist? If I saw seafood, I ate seafood. There’s a reason to eat locally-caught – because it will never taste as good as it does in that moment. Cheers to the fishermen who bring in the daily catch!


  1. The Rusty Anchor is awesome!

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