Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 9, 2013

The Bell influence

Another revelation for me was the connection of Alexander Graham Bell to Cape Breton Island.

The creator of the telephone and many other inventions spent a lot of time on the island near Baddeck, escaping the heat and microscope of their other residence in Washington DC.

Bell descendants still own the land that Alexander Graham Bell built his residence – a remote peninsula across the Baddeck Bay:

NS - Bell peninsula

As the family grew, so did the buildings, with houses for visitors, kids and grandkids. But it was Bell and his wife Mabel, who inspired many beyond their family to create and invent so many things.

NS - Baddeck sculpture of The Bells

As the couple permanently oversees the Baddeck harbour, the results of all their hard work resides in the Alexander Graham Bell Historic Site, containing notebooks, models and artifacts about their personal and professional life:

NS - AG Bell design

NS - AG Bell notebook

And one of his proudest creations – The Silver Dart, which flew on February 23, 1909, the first airplane to fly in Canada, piloted by John Alexander Douglas McCurdy in Baddeck, Cape Breton.  Here’s the recreation, which was flown 100 years later, and now resides in the museum:
NS - Silver Dart in Bell museum

As I travelled Cape Breton Island, I heard many stories and influences of Alexander Graham Bell on the residents, as well as friends from the US who made the trip to Cape Breton Island to see what Bell saw – a beautiful island with a unique creative spirit.

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