Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 23, 2013

The old and new of Aix en Provence

Visiting Aix en Provence was a lovely revelation to me – I knew it would be historical, beautiful and elegant, and was pleasantly surprised by the modernity and contemporary.

I was treated to its charming, winding streets:

France - Aix downtown

To the sense of faith from the past:

France - Aix angel

Or the welcome sight of a palate-luring business:

France - Aix boulangerie

Or a unique mural inspired by Alfred Hitchcock:

France - Aix Hitchcock

A lovely lunch in the courtyard of contemporary art center Hotel Gallifet, with a view:

France - Aix Hotel Gallifet lunch

France - Aix Hotel de Gallifet

And Aix en Provence has a new performing arts center:

France - Aix performing arts center

A city known for its past has plenty of contemporary lures….


  1. Thanks you to choose my bakery to represent the aix en provence City

    Stéphanie from Jacob’s Boulangerie

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