Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 24, 2013

The real deal: Marseille soap

Visiting the small town of Salon de Provence, I visited Marius Fabre, the oldest soap company in France, who make genuine Marseille soap:

France - Marius Fabre


This soap is very distinct – not just for its simple ingredients (vegetable oils, water, soda) but also for its distinct look – its always made into cubes.

At Marius Fabre, its made by hand:

France - Marius Fabre worker


And the off-cuts that happen during production will be melted down and made into soap:

France - MF offcuts


When the soap is done, it looks like this:

France - Marius Fabre savon


And thanks to its natural ingredients, this soap was traditionally used for everything from in the bath to the clothes. It has a distinct scent, but its lasting effect on skin reduces many skin irritations.

And if I had it delivered in this truck, I think many of us would love to have a personal delivery of this uniquely French soap:

France - M Favre delivery truck


It’s worth it to buy the real deal – not imitations. If there is more than four ingredients on the label, its not genuine Marseille soap.


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