Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 25, 2013

The rooftops of Salon de Provence

Leaving the city of Marseille, I arrived in the town of Salon de Provence, the home of Marseille soap, as well as some unique art:

France - Salon de Provence art

But there was something else to be revealed – a unique installation on the rooftops of the city. I walked to the Chateau de L’empiri, a historic stone building in the centre of town. Now used for events, its a prime spot to view this contemporary art creation for the European City of Culture.

France - Salon 's Chateau de l\empiri from below

Within its walls, there was a lovely garden and some unique art too:

France - Salon's Chateau de l'empiri

France - Chateau de l'empiri art

But it was the creation of artist Felice Verini, who designed this red circular installation on the rooftops of Salon de Provence. A 110 residents participated in allowing red aluminum panels wrapped around the tops of their homes:

France - Varini's Salon de Provence

As I gazed from Chateau de l’empiri, I first noticed the circles, then the details – like the sculptures near the church clock tower that are red, or for a couple of homes, having their entire terraces in red. I don’t think this photo does the creativity justice – but I’ll assure you its an amazing sight!


  1. loving this, could I possibly use the photo of the red rooftops on my site and link to your article?



    • Hi Jamie,

      You can definitely use my photo and link to the article – thanks for asking! Waheeda

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