Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 26, 2013

Wandering the streets of Marseille

I learned a lot about the city of Marseille thanks to the ability to easily wander its small neighbourhoods and its main streets. From historical to contemporary, I could see the different threads that make up this city – and its definite love for beauty and art in all its forms.

It started with taking the trolley to Palais Longchamp:

France - Marseille Palais Longchamp


Or walking the older neighbourhoods and spotting graffiti:

France - Marseille streets


Or finding an art-covered wall at La Friche belle de mai with graffiti and murals, including this unique face:

France - Marseille's La friche face


Or taking time for some modern art:

France - Marseille white sculpture


Or just take time to be silly with a friend at the Vieux Port’s reflective sculpture:

France - Marseille reflection


And enjoying the view from way above, from the city’s Basilica:

France - Marseille skyline


Marseille is transforming, yet not forgetting its uniquely artistic past.


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