Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 27, 2013

Bon Appetit! Tastes of Marseille

I ate well in Marseille – and I have good memories of what was pleasing my palate, like the street food I discovered in the Vieux Port:

Or the fab tastes that were discovered while exploring the local markets:

And even when I went to a fancy cocktail party, the eats were tasty and almost too pretty to eat:

And of course I had to try the city’s passion: bouillabaisse, from one of the city’s fave places Miramar, who also served a consumately classic warm vegetable salad to start and a sweet strawberry dessert to finish:

And I did think of my friends, the chocolate-obsessed, when I ordered a crepe from a street vendor:

France - Marseille crepe

Although this one went to a friend – as I will admit, I don’t like Nutella. But my crepe with jam was just as tasty! So many great tastes in Marseille….

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