Posted by: Waheeda Harris | September 30, 2013

From Europe to Canada to the Middle East

Sometimes it does seem like my life reflects a plot line in a spy novel – travelling incessantly from continent.

One minute I was in Marseille, then I was back in Canada for a weekend, and then I was on my way to the United Arab Emirates.

When I landed, I heard the athan in the airport – the call to prayer for Muslims – and I knew I was in Dubai.

UAE - Dubai skyline

This is just a small part of the skyline, as seen from my hotel, The One and Only Royal Mirage near The Palm island. Arriving in the evening in Dubai is almost like arriving first thing in the morning, as the city’s at its busiest when the sun sets.

UAE - Dubai One and Only Jetty

It’s the perfect time for a meeting, especially if you want to be outside, when the temperature has dipped under 40C and there might be a cool breeze felt from the Arabian Gulf.

But the ideal if its possible for a new arrival?

UAE - Dubai dock

Catching a boat to the sister property The Only and Only Palm – not just to visit another pretty spot, but to be on the water, surrounded by the colourful lights of Dubai.

Or what I did, an after dinner treat of tea, done with flourish:

UAE - One and Only mint tea

A distinct welcome to the United Arab Emirates and its glittery centre: Dubai.


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