Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 2, 2013

The precious water of the desert

Visiting Dubai, its hard to believe it can be so humid in the desert – unless of course you realize it sits on the Arabian Gulf. Water is very important in this part of the world for its necessity as much as its beauty:

UAE - Dubai Palm Is gulf

This view of the Palm Island from Atlantis, which sits at the top of the crescent on this man-made isle, shows off the shades of turquoise blue that make up the Arabian Gulf. Water is very much part of the design of Dubai, as seen in the numerous fountains, swimming pools and creeks.

But this isn’t the only body of water found within Dubai – there’s also Dubai Creek, which is part of the downtown and a trading area:

UAE - Dubai creek

And the best way to get around the creek? Take a traditional abra aka water taxi:

UAE - Dubai Creek abra

And you can spot the old way of trading among the glitz of Dubai:

UAE - Dubai Creek shipping

And of course, there’s the leisurely way to enjoy the water – such as the abra service within the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, which connects guests to the various areas of this extensive resort and a view of the Burj al Arab:

UAE - Dubai Burj Al Arab

But the best way to appreciate the water – a swim in a refreshing swimming pool, like The One & Only Royal Mirage:

UAE - Dubai RM pool

Or to dip oneself in the very warm Arabian Gulf, best done at sunset when the temperatures dip below 40C, like at the beach at The One & Only Royal Mirage:

UAE - Dubai RM beach


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