Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 3, 2013

To souk to souk we go…

Despite the shiny, new, biggest, most awe-inspiring architecture and construction, Dubai’s heart still lies within its oldest walls – the souk:

UAE - Dubai spice souk

It’s here that many locals come to shop, to buy anything and everything from spices for cooking, dried flowers for bathing and unique combinations of both for health and medicinal reasons.

There’s dried fruit and fresh fruit, rice, lentils, beans and incense – with all these items representing the best of the Middle East, with many of these items coming from Iran, Oman and Lebanon:

And even after you’re satiated with tastes and scents, there’s a few things for the eyes:

UAE - Dubai souk shoes

Like any souk, there’s plenty of options from each vendor. I wandered into one shop, curious about the caftans and scarves, but when the shopkeeper pulled out an item for me to see, it came with a large cockroach.

Thankfully for him, I just laughed and asked for something that was cockroach free. He didn’t even flinch and pretended not to see the insect, which for several of my friends would have incited a scream, not a laugh. He tried to show me something else, and that’s when I took my departure, not willing to bargain with someone who had an infested clothing shop.

UAE - Dubai clothing market

I focused on the outdoor shops – and was encouraged to buy more – at another shop where it was insect free, lots of options and a shopkeeper willing to bargain.


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