Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 8, 2013

The biggest and the brightest

In Dubai, the best is a moniker that they want to have synonymous with this place:

UAE - Burj Khalifa collage

Its embodied in several well-known landmarks, including the Burj Kahlifa, the world’s highest structure, which certainly commands the skyline in Dubai. Its located adjacent to the Dubai Mall and has views of the city that easily show the endless towers and the surrounding desert.

But there’s other noteworthy objet, like the Burj Al Arab:

UAE - Dubai Burj Al Arab

Or there’s the Atlantis, which sits at the top of the Palm Island on the edge of the Arabian Gulf:

UAE - Dubai Atlantis hotel

And its spectacular view of the Palm Island:

UAE - Dubai Palm Is gulf

And of course, its lobby has a multi-storey Dale Chihuly sculpture:

UAE - Dubai Atlantis Chihuly

But this city has so many inspiring places, and even the simplest things are lavish, like this ceiling at The One & Only Royal Mirage:

UAE - Dubai Royal Mirage

Or the hallway of The Palace, one section of The One and Only Royal Mirage:

UAE - Dubai RM - The Palace

And one of my favourites, the entrance to Tagine Restaurant:

UAE - Dubai Tagine lanterns

I was constantly looking around at the beauty created in this desert – some of it over the top and some of it just right.


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