Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 9, 2013

Finding snow in Dubai

UAE - Ski Dubai partyIn this part of the Middle East, winter is a welcome season because of mid 20 Celsius temperatures, and the escape from the extreme highs of summer.

It’s not like many other parts of the world in the northern hemisphere, about snow.

But you can find snow in Dubai. Not outside in December or January. Not somewhere in the mountains, but any day, in a mall.

Yes, in a a shopping mall – in fact at the Mall of the Emirates at the very popular Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski park in the Middle East.

Of course, in this part of the world, it would be an amazing sight to have daily access to the cold. Guests are provided with all the gear from snow pants to down jackets and boots.

And for those who can ski or snowboard, or want to learn, its the perfect spot for a hit of winter sports, and if you want to play, there’s tobogganning, either individually or with a friend on the saucer or if you dare, the ability to roll down a hill in a giant ball.

And there’s many people who want to experience the fun of winter – since for so many of the locals, its a novelty:

But for someone who grew up with winter, its an odd sight in the middle of a mall. And really, if you just saw this photo of a snowboarder, it wouldn’t occur to you that the person was inside – unless you saw the second image:

And of all the people I saw playing, laughing, enjoying and going back for more, nearly all of them were from the Middle East. So I may not be the perfect person to want to enjoy winter in a mall, but for locals and those from the region, its high on the list of must-dos.

And I will admit, for all those who don’t want to do it, there seemed to be no lack of faces watching the activity through the windows. Mother Nature would be proud.



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