Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 10, 2013

How hot is it?

It’s hard to imagine certain things, and although we try to explain, its never like actually experiencing it – and temperature is one of those things. So many people asked me – What’s it like? And how hot was it?

In mid-September, its still summer in the United Arab Emirates, and the daily temperature was in the mid 40s (and for those of you who use fahrenheit, think 109/110). So that’s why this lovely retreat near the beach in Abu Dhabi is empty:

UAE - AD beach

The afternoon hits the highest temperatures around 43/44C – and everyone is in the shade or inside. Its just too hot. But soon, its time, as the sun hovers close to sun set after 5:30pm, the few brave souls, like myself, want to go outside, especially to the pool:

UAE -AD pool

The swimming pool feels refreshing, the sun is hot and its feeling cooler – although its a relative term, when the temperature drops five degrees, its still just under 40C (or 104F).

But sunset is important – it not only marks the end of the day, its really about introducing the evening. Every comes outside, people are social, restaurants, tea rooms and bars are full. Its all about the night in this part of the world, after we all say goodbye to the sunset:

UAE - AD infinity sunset

And when you go back inside, its all about the lighting to simulate the sun, but not the heat:

UAE - AD Al Hanah bar

And the lights aren’t just inside – when I went for a post-dinner stroll, Abu Dhabi was lit up too:

UAE - AD night view

And even though the night came, and the temperatures dropped, I think at 11pm it was around 38C or 100F – a typically late summer night in the United Arab Emirates. Most people still stay inside, but there was part of me that needed to keep going outside, to feel the heat envelop me, a constant reminder of the desert environment. I think it was hot enough for me.

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