Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 16, 2013

The west coast sensibility

Every time I visit Vancouver, I’m lured to go close to the sea – to head to the beach, even though most of the year, its too cold for me to want to go swimming:

Vancouver - Kitsilano beach

On a mid-October day, it was a lovely day for walking, sitting, cycling but there was also plenty of people sailing, stand up paddling and if you’re part of the younger set, playing on the water’s edge like it was the middle of summer, by jumping in the small waves.

It was what you do on a sunny day in Vancouver – you go outside and revel in it.

A favourite moment was seeing a woman walking her dog along the concrete pathway, because she was on land, and the dog was in the sea:

Vancouver - dog walking

And as I gazed across the bay to the west end, I spotted many cyclists who had stopped to walk with friends – and take time to look at the autumn leaves too.

Vancouver - west end view

Everyone was enjoying the sun, the cool breezes and the views of the sea. It was a stereotypically Vancouver moment, and I was glad I was there, having my dose of the Pacific and west coast sensibility.

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