Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 17, 2013

Getting back to the land

Returning to British Columbia is always about reconnection for me – seeing the mountains, getting close to the sea, and spending time with my parents, who are avid gardeners.

Visiting in the Fall means there’s a few things finishing their growing season in the garden, like these heritage variety tomatoes:

Vancouver - tomato garden

On a daily basis we’re eating fresh tomatoes with salad, while my Mum and I are busy making sauce thanks to the bumper crop:

Vancouver - parents toms

But my Dad also loves growing herbs – rosemary, mint and basil.  So then we started making pesto:

Vancouver - pesto making

Vancouver - pesto

In the past, we would have been freezing pears, apples and making applesauce too. That was always what was done – as well as trading vegetables and fruit with neighbours and work colleagues since everyone had an abundance of everything at this time of year.

Eating locally wasn’t a trend – it was a fact. And thanks to growing up in BC, its a tradition I’m proud to continue – and try to do no matter where I travel.

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