Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 21, 2013

Project 13 June

In January, I spent the first 10 days of the new year in New Orleans with my good friends, and started Project 13.

With my busy travel and work schedule, I don’t have the opportunity to take time for classes that I’d like to take – especially about photography.

I decided to create a photography challenge for myself, to take a photo every day, no matter where I was to learn more about my camera and the way I take photographs.

In June, I was in my home province of British Columbia as well as went for work to Quebec.

Project 13-  June collage

Bold colours must have been my lures during June – as I still think about Montreal’s bright blue sky and the small part of a church statue I could see; the bold red lips of an aboriginal sculpture at the University of British Columbia Anthropology Museum, the tasty and spicy fish at Toronto’s Sabai Sabai, a Thai restaurant; the sweet fresh strawberries we picked when I visited my parents in Vancouver and the unique creations of Mosaicultures, an art creation made with plants at Montreal’s  Botanical Gardens.

I also realized how much I like the textures of each of these photos – from the crispy texture of the Thai fish to the unique crevices of the summer strawberries.

Good memories of the beginning of summer in Canada and the learning continues…

Want to see more of Project 13? Check out my Flickr page. 


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