Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 25, 2013

Project 13 – the colours of home

Looking back on the past months make me feel nostalgic, happy, sad, tired and grateful.

To get the experience of so many places makes me feel hopeful about the future – as well as feeling curious about how I’ll continually be revisiting these places through my work and seeing my photos through eyes that have seen more since I first saw these older images.

But what sustains me is the not just the knowledge of the new, the future the possibilities but also the way I can cast a different eye at my home surroundings, the photos I’ve taken and realize how much they reflect my travelling life:

Project 13 - colours of home

Bright glass beads sourced from different markets in different countries, a vintage travel bag found in a Toronto thrift store and my collection of foreign magazines picked up over the past few months – all side effects of my lifestyle.

These notable souvenirs now displayed in my home are inspiration for my writing and photography and  tangible reminders of how much of our planet I’ve been lucky to see this year. What will the final three months of the year bring? A whole lot more interesting influences, soon to be joined by images of wherever I’m going to next.

Want to see more of Project 13? Check out my Flickr site. 


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