Posted by: Waheeda Harris | October 31, 2013

This is Dallas

What do you picture when you think of Dallas, Texas? Cowboys? Ranchland? Southfork? In fact, Southfork isn’t far off for many, as one of the most visited spot in the city of Dallas.

But as I discovered, there’s lots about Dallas that most people wouldn’t think about – such as a statue of Rosa Parks:

Dallas - Rosa Parks

Or that this city has a immense arts district, the largest in the United States, with numerous performance spaces at the AT&T Performing Center, including the AT&T Arts Center, Winspear Opera House and the Wyly Theater:

Or that this is a city with a newly installed Klyde Warren Park, that has books, magazines, newspapers and board games to borrow:

Dallas - Klyde Warren

As well as space to hang out in Klyde Warren Park, even for a cowboy:

Dallas - cowboy

And that the Dallas Museum of Art, which offers free daily admission, is home to an amazing Dale Chihuly installation in its cafe:

Dallas - Dallas Art Museum

As well as the entire contents of Coco Chanel’s home from the south of France, set up like a home – like her dining room:

Dallas - DAM Coco Chanel

And a place that has plenty of basketball fans (even if its football country) at the American Airlines Center:

Dallas - Mavericks fan

Does that change your view of Dallas? It certainly changed mine. And even better – even though everything is apparently bigger in Texas, all these options are easily accessed in downtown Dallas as a pedestrian. In less than 20 minutes from my hotel, I could arrive at any of these downtown highlights.

(Yesterday’s exploration of Dallas can be found here)

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