Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 4, 2013

Sign of the times: New Orleans summer

One of life’s luxuries for a freelance journalist – being able to spend time writing and editing. Although its work, its the other half of me – one half is exploring the world, the other half is how to explain it, detail it, show it off and tell a story.

So when I think of certain places that I’ve recently been, like New Orleans, I try to change the story – and show people something they know of the city and hopefully something they didn’t know:

New Orleans - summer collage a

A place that fixates on its gumbo, is surrounded by swamps and always has jazz playing somewhere – these are stereotypes and proudly seen anywhere and everywhere.

But its also a city that has a contemporary culture that few see – one that is fueling the neighbourhoods outside the French Quarter – like Faubourg Marigny, Algiers Point and the Bywater, which are a mix of residential neighbourhoods, clubs, cafes and some unique art and graffiti:

New Orleans - summer collage

But there’s still that historic joie de vivre, best seen in what’s found even below your feet, there is a sense of sparkle among the ruins in the Crescent City:

New Orleans - beads

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