Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 5, 2013

Sign of the time – Cape Breton Island

It’s hard to distill my experiences on Cape Breton Island, since there were so many laughs. And because I was laughing and telling stories and listening and laughing, there’s no photos to document that fun that happened every day while exploring the island.

But when I think of that island, I do think of its landscape and relation to the water:

Cape Breton Island icons

From the calm of the North River, to a fishing boat in port at Pleasant Bay, I kept water in my sights. As I hiked Cape Breton Highlands National Park I got a view of the ocean from above, while when I was in Cheticamp, I was up close and personal with ocean waves.

Cape Breton memories

This island has the well-known and the soon to be known from its history to its growing food scene thanks to the Right Some Good Festival.  With Alexander Graham Bell’s legacy in Baddeck to the coal mines of Glace Bay the history on this small island still has affects in the current day. instilling every islander with pride, while the trend of locally-grown has taken hold here like everywhere – and its a fabulous way to experience this island – from meal to meal.


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