Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 7, 2013

Sign of the times: Dubai

Dubai is always described as the most lavish, glitzy and over the top place. But its also a place that has unique natural beauty among the new creations. What’s old here is considered brand new in the rest of the world.

It’s sometimes hard to see beyond the flashy facades, but there are distinctive things, like the colours:

Dubai colours

I’ve always been attracted to bright colours and despite the relentless sun, the colour of a recent graffiti mural by Ruben Sanchez seem to harmonize with the numerous ladies shoes on sale in the Dubai souk. And as I gazed at the blue sky while visiting the Jumeirah Mosque it seemed to pair well with the blue shirt of the water taxi captain as we navigated Dubai creek.

Dubai collage b

Meanwhile the endless palm trees cast a shadow as well as a unique flavour of the Middle East as much as the obsession with water. From the sea turtles who are being rescued and released back into the Arabian Gulf, to the creation of a faux Dubai creek to mimic the old part of the city in the new, anything can be created, especially in the shadow of unique architecture like the Burj Al Arab, which micmics a sailboat.

But one of my favourite spots was seeing the throngs of guests at the Atlantis Palm, all excited to spend time watching the sea creatures in the hotel aquarium, the largest in the region.

In this part of the world, anything is possible. From seeing the endless sands of the desert to meeting a camel.

Dubai desert a

Dubai camel

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