Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 11, 2013

Goodbye Autumn

I spent my weekend in Toronto walking through several parks, purposely choosing to cut through the walkways to see the last of the Autumn leaves.

I remind myself that many of my family and friends don’t experience this where they are on the planet – the transformation from lush gardens and trees heavy with leaves to bare gardens beds and branches as the seasons change.

I remembered the brilliant colours I had seen at the beginning of the Fall in Vancouver:

Vancouver - autumn

And how I had spotted my favourite neighbourhood tree in Toronto transform in early October:

Toronto - autumn leaves

And when I walked through the piles of leaves, the sound of the dryness from beneath my feet creating a seasonal soundtrack, I paused to take in the moment and seeing others were doing the same on a sunny Toronto afternoon:

Toronto - Allen Gardens

Knowing that winter was on the doorstep, and that my hibernating tendencies kick in quickly, I revel in these crisp sunny days, when although I’m not happy to wear more and more layers to go outside, a half hour or hour long walk seems to be the antidote to having to say goodbye to Autumn.

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