Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 12, 2013

Winter is coming

I used to say this phrase before it became the catchphrase of pop culture thanks to Lord Stark and his family in Game of Thrones.

As the days grow shorter, the daylight becomes scarce, the temperatures stop edging higher but always go lower and figuring out how many layers to wear before stepping outside seems to be my daily challenge. I’ve admitted before and will say it again  – I don’t like winter.

Toronto - frost

What confirms it for me that winter is coming? When I wake up and see the frost covering my windows. I live in an older building, so my windows tend to react to the change in temperatures – and it fuels my dislike of winter to not have a clear view of the Toronto skyline.

Toronto - winter reflection

I don’t dream of snow covered rooftops or walking beneath trees trimmed in lights and snow – its makes me wish for endless sun and warm temperatures. I think of slush and cold and endless winds. I think of wearing endless layers so I can survive being outside for a short period of time.

I understand that others celebrate winter and that many travellers want to experience the snow, the winter sports and to see the snowcapped mountains.

Come to Canada where  winter is coming  – just know I haven’t put out the welcome mat. 

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