Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 19, 2013

Street art: Montreal, QC Canada

Montreal - i love mtlThe largest city of la belle province is well-known for its wide range of arts, culture, cuisine – and Montreal should be known for its amazing street art too.

As a city that easily shows off its history as much as its contemporary creativity, its also a city that launched a Mural Festival this year, created along one of its main streets, Boulevard Saint Laurent, well-known as a gallery for the city’s street artists:

Montreal - Mural Festival Dyer

From creations like these, commissioned by the Mural Festival to show off the skills of local and international street artists, to impromptu doorway collages, Saint Laurent is an inspiring stroll for any art lover:

And as I wandered the street, I alternated between one, two and three storey creations and small intimate pieces only noticed if you happened to catch them with your eye:

Montreal - Botkin blue hand

Montreal - three ladies

Montreal - purple building

And even the locals are getting in on the game – Theatre L’Espace decided to hire artists to create a unique entrance – one that is a noticeable for its detail as for its striking black and white.

And one of my faves of the street, for the Mural Festival by Jason Botkin:

Montreal - Botkin mural

But this is only one small part of Montreal’s street art culture – and its worth a visit to explore the numerous neighbourhoods for all the street art that is easily found and appreciated by the locals.

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