Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 20, 2013

Street art: Marseille, France

France - Marseille Dali sculpture

I knew that I would discover amazing architecture and unique cultural neighbourhoods when I arrived in Marseille, but this southern France city surprised me with its extensive street art.

France - Marseille graffiti man

From the numerous sculptures by Dali in the Vieux Port to the endless graffiti found in small streets and various neighbourhoods, I was treated to an endless array of styles like at La Friche’s skatepark:

Marseille - La Friche skatepark 2

Or just interesting images spotted while walking around:

And to see detail like this:

France - Marseille's La friche face

france - Marseille - graffiti construction

And one of my faves, from the La Friche neighbourhood:
Marseille - pearl

And definitely one of my faves from the city:

Marseille - tree of life

A contemporary city that has slowly emerged from its rough past, Marseille is a multicultural city that is developing into a unique centre of modern culture.

For more street art, check out yesterday’s post here


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