Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 21, 2013

Street art: New Orleans, LA USA

Most visitors are fixated on the architecture and style of Nola’s French Quarter, which definitely is distinct:

New Orleans - FQ style

And its a city that embraces the unique, the odd, and of course, plenty of street art:

New Orleans - rise and preserve

Or unique creations like Dr. Bob’s Drive Thru Gallery:

Or just finding amazing examples, like in the city’s Faubourg Marigny neighbourhood, inspired by Shakespeare and music:

New Orleans - Montegut / Capulet

News Orleans - FM dancing

New Orleans - graffiti people

New Orleans - BMC

Well-known graffiti artist Banksy has visited New Orleans, and luckily someone has protected one of his creations:

New Orleans - Banksy

And sometimes there’s unexplainable street art – and isn’t it fitting its in New Orleans? I think so – especially since this was the entrance to a new residential condominium:

New Orleans - bunny sculpture



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