Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 22, 2013

Street art: Toronto ON Canada

Toronto - graffiti garbage bin

Due to the notorious Mayor of Toronto, that conservative, quiet, uptight image of my city has been shattered.

Thankfully the vibrant, multicultural city has withstood the endless bad behaviour from the Mayor and keeps going. This garbage bin on the edge of Kensington Market illustrates how many of us who live here feel about the Mayor’s actions.

But thankfully, one man isn’t a whole city. Early in his tenure as Mayor, he declared war on graffiti and artists responded, and one created these images, displayed in graffiti alley, south of Queen Street West. But he’s not the only inspiration to local graffiti artists:

fence view


Cartoon icons (like Gargamel) near Queen St. West or the neighbourhood (like Kensington Market below) are street art inspirations that I’ve thankfully got to see.
city people


And unlike its image, Toronto has become more funky – with local developers welcoming artists to highlight a wall with their creations and defy the city’s anti-graffiti stance, now called the Queen Dufferin Graffiti Wall:

QD long view

Toronto - graffiti is illegal

Toronto - Chuvalo graffiti

And one of my all time fave pieces spotted while wandering the city streets, steps from the Yonge street shopping strip and illustrious Massey Hall:

Toronto - graffiti springSo ignore Mayor Rob Ford’s antics – and keep an eye on Toronto – its getting better and better and worthy of a visit for its growing contemporary culture.

For more street art, check out yesterday’s post here.

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