Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 25, 2013

The power of art to teach – A Woman’s Garden

Dallas - Arboretum lady

The Woman’s Garden at the Dallas Arboretum is easily labelled a peaceful space. Walking through an archway, the garden is sequestered from the rest of the botanical gardens and offers a place for contemplation.

As I walked towards the back of the garden, I was lured by this sculpture, a nude bronze by Joe Rosenthal. I liked that she was a contemporary sculpture, rounded and simple.

Dallas - Arboretum lady 3

Surrounded by lush trees, a reflecting pond and a nearby lake, the contrast of greenery and blue was eye-catching. But it was her gaze that captured my lens.

Dallas - Arboretum lady 2

The sculpted face didn’t look happy, or sad, she looked annoyed. Like her moment had been interrupted or her view had been blocked. It made me think of myself, and how that happens to me when I’m exploring – I’m trying to photograph and someone is in my way.

And I took a deep breath, as I realized the day was still sunny and warm, the environment beautiful and the moment still could be enjoyed. No one was in my way – we are all there to explore.

As a traveller, we can be solo in our choices, but not in the way we explore. We continue to interact with everything around us – no matter if its a tour group or the sound of a bird, and the if we give it all a chance we can learn a lot more by being open to what experience is offered, instead of trying to control everything.

A travel lesson learned through art:  to live in the moment, appreciate what I’m experiencing and be patient.



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