Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 27, 2013

The power of art to make you laugh

Montreal - Grevin Museum

Is this art? Definitely! The Grevin Montreal is a wax museum, and a definite option for travellers when visiting la belle province city of Montreal.

There’s something about seeing celebrities and famous people in wax that seems to make us all act like kids – we act silly, we laugh and we take endless photos of us with the well-known, our only option until one day when we may meet someone famous.

As I wandered through the Grevin Montreal, I was amazed at which figures got the attention – these four above – Andy Warhol, Queen Elizabeth II, Ryan Gosling and Indiana Jones (aka Harrison Ford) were very popular – as were hockey players, like Guy Lafleur, particularly well-known in Quebec.

For me, I got in on the act with one of Canada’s best known former leaders, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau:

Montreal - Grevin Museum Pierre Trudeau

But the one figure that had the longest line wasn’t a surprise to me – and I wish I could have taken photos of all those people who imitated her style and pretended to sing:

Montreal - Grevin Museum's Celine

For so many visitors, it was all about Celine Dion, a Quebec native and global singing superstar. And I waited for a long time to get a photo of her solo, since so many people wanted to be in her spotlight. And did everyone laugh and have a good time here? Absolutely.

The power of art to make you laugh – and another tip I always say – go to the local museums and art galleries – an inspiring way to learn, explore and have a good time.

Want to know how the power of art can make you smile? 



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