Posted by: Waheeda Harris | November 29, 2013

The power of art to make you dream


I’ve always believed in the power of art, and this sculpture by Rodin proves my belief that art is transformative.

This sculpture is at the front of the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, a very tactile creation by Auguste Rodin, welcoming patrons into this small gallery.

Philadelphia - Rodin Museum

I was immediately reminded of being in Europe, wandering through small galleries that celebrated their history and culture. I had flashes of being a teenager, and remembering my European history as I learned about artists from England, France, Italy and Germany.

And as I gazed up at the Rodin, I thought about being a kid or a teenager in Philadelphia, and taking that school trip to visit museum row downtown, and seeing these sculptures. Finding out how Rodin created these beautiful pieces of art and that if you liked this, you could see more at the Musee Rodin in Paris.

The possibility of going somewhere – the lure that art could encourage you to go on a roadtrip or jump on a plane. And to me, that’s the best thing about art and travel which have always been integral to me – to inspire curiosity, desire and ambition – that there’s something out there – and you can go find it. That dream – it can become reality.

Want to see how art can make you cry? 


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