Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 5, 2013

Wandering up the road from Louisiana to Mississippi

Louisiana - highway

My friend and I headed north from New Orleans, going to Hattiesburg to pick up her son. And highways in North America are typically boring  – there’s nothing exciting or really different – especially since the sign styles are very similar. But then there’s a few things that can convince you that you’re south of the Mason Dixon line:

Louisiana - highway dragon

Ok so maybe this isn’t a Louisiana thing – but the giant dragon at the car lot? Definitely American. But really here’s the real reveal:

Mississippi - Bad to the bone

The fact that the restaurant is called Bad to the Bone made me laugh and of course take a photo. But the added bonus? This is in Mississippi and its a seafood restaurant. Still funny and kinda wierd.

The rest of the time we spent talking about all kinds of things from life to friends to work – and of course dreaming of what may happen in the future:

Mississippi - highway clouds

There’s something about the wide open sky that just makes you want to dream and plan and for me, roadtrip.

And that’s why wandering up the road in Louisiana to points north can be fun. So if you’ve got the time, get in the car and truly discover the land of the United States of America.

Want to know how I wandered among the colours of St. Lucia?

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