Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 6, 2013

Wandering from the ‘burbs to downtown Vancouver

Vancouver - rooftops

As I awoke each morning, this was my view from my parents’ house – a townhouse in a townhouse complex. Perfect for my parents and for their frequent visitors like myself, but alas not as close to the areas of downtown I like to explore. But thanks to the transit system, it doesn’t take long to get downtown:

Vancouver - creek

Where I could still find the  natural landscape tucked inbetween the big city. It wasn’t like I was moving from the rural to the urban, Vancouver’s beauty is that its easy to wander throughout the city and experience it all within its borders.

Vancouver - Kitsilano beach

One minute you can be gazing at the sailboats from Kitsilano Beach and soaking up the sun – the next minute you’re back in the ‘burbs where the strip malls are king, yet the trees still flourish:

Vancouver - autumn leaves

And its all part of getting to know an entire city, whether its the downtown hot spots, the suburban trails or even the inbetween, like East Hastings:

Van a collage

Want to see what I saw wandering the highways of Louisiana?

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