Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 9, 2013

Memories of January 2013 – Niagara Icewine Festival

Niagara - Icewine options

For the wine industry in Ontario, the winter is still a time of activity – especially for those vineyards who make icewine.

To celebrate this sweet elixir, which has become one of the best-known Canadian products and exports, the Niagara region celebrates with its annual Icewine Festival, with events throughout the wine region of southern Ontario. It’s all about tasting, learning and of course, pairing icewine with all kinds of tasty treats.

For travellers who want to experience a Canadian winter and learn about icewine, Niagara in January is the place.

Jordan Village Ice Wine Festival

Niagara - Icewine festival cheese plate

Niagara Icewine festival chefs

Niagara - ice wine grapes

Niagara Icewine festival cake pops

Niagara ice wine tasting


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