Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 11, 2013

Memories of April 2013: St. Lucia

St. Lucia - piton collage

The Caribbean island of St. Lucia was a welcome respite from the long winter in Canada – and my first view was of the island’s most famous landmark: The Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site. And it was seen from the island’s most luxe accommodation: Jade Mountain.

But this island was more than just a lush isle of fruit, natural beauty and luxury – it was a challenge to my spirit, when I attempted and failed to climb to the top of Grand Piton. It was fun when I got to experience the world’s only drive-in volcano La Soufriere, which turned into me a volcanic mud baby when I decided to get dirty.

And there was snorkeling, swimming, tasty seafood and island hospitality – and plenty of Canadians – who knew this island was a place that Canadians have claimed as their southern residence?

St Lucia - Pitons

St. Lucia Windjammer pool

St. Lucia - between pitons

St. Lucia - Castries market 2

AC collage

St Lucia - Castries market seller

St. Lucia - sunset glow

St. Lucia - JM sunset

And like a typical Caribbean island, St. Lucia was always colourful from its Castries Market to its nightly sunset.

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