Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 13, 2013

Memories of April 2013 – Nassau, The Bahamas

Bahamas - hammock

When it comes to an ideal at the end of winter – its all about escaping to the sun, and perhaps being whisked to this spot, on Sandals private island offshore from Nassau, where the sounds of the oceans and the birds are the only things within earshot.

Nassau can be a busy place – as a major destination for sunseekers, for the many who take cruise vacations and for the concentration of shops on Bay Street, luring the visitors and locals to discover local products and crafts.

This city has several fun spots – including Atlantis, with its glitzy nightclubs and casino or Arawak Cay, also known as the Fish Fry, for its tasty eats and local vibe (and maybe a place to spot a modern day pirate).

And this is also a place for conch is king – and no matter how you enjoy it, whether in a salad or in crispy fritters, its a daily requirement for locals.

Bahamas - Blackbeard

Bahamas - hibiscus

Nassau - Sandals grouper and conch

Nassau - Sandals beach

Nassau - parasailing

Nassau - Balcony House

Nassau - straw market


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