Posted by: Waheeda Harris | December 16, 2013

Memories of May 2013: Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador - Quito skyline

Looking at the Spanish colonial architecture of downtown Quito, Ecuador, I’m remembering my first day, exploring the city and getting into the swing of this Latin American centre.

I took a bus tour around the downtown to get oriented, and was pleassantly surprised by the colourful buildings, the wrought iron balconies and the endless people – tourists from North America and Europe, Spanish speaking locals drinking coffee and many indigenous people selling their wares of fruit, flowers and street food.

Ecuador - Quito gothic cathedral

After my dose of churches and other unique monuments, it was all about the street art for me – colourful, bold and spotted anywhere and everywhere, it captured my attention for several hours as I walked the streets and got into the rhythm of Quito.

Quito - bird mural

Quito - girl and lion

Quito - angels

Quito - graffiti Edward

From pop culture references to animation influences, Quito graffiti artists are welcoming visitors with endless creations.

Quito - graffiti profile

Quito - street art mural

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