Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 8, 2014

Starting anew in 2014….

Taking time for myself is a rare thing in my world even during the recent holiday period – but one of the things I resolved to do better in 2014 was to recommit to this blog. I started of the new year with a dose of good luck thanks to black eyed peas and cabbage (rolls):

Project 14 collage a

As I’m lucky enough to start the new year from New Orleans, LA, I’ve committed to Project 14, my second year of taking a photo every day. Project 13 had its challenges, and I welcomed them to make me learn more about photography, my camera(s) and our planet.

cemetery trio

In my first week of the new year, I’ve tried to remember what I’ve learned and to keep my eyes open for opportunity but still allow experience to be the driving force – its all about learning more.

Project 14 collage 2

So as I capture winter in New Orleans, the start of the Mardi Gras season and some unique observations of the Crescent City, I’m also in planning mode for 2014.

Next week I’ll start my new focus for Gone to Swan – and thanks those for reading, commenting and being my silent partner as I explore our planet.


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