Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 14, 2014

Wandering Nashville’s Lower Broadway

Honky tonk:

  1. a cheap or disreputable bar, club, or dance hall, typically where country music is played.
    “country bands at highway honky-tonks”
  2. a style of country and western music of the 1950s associated with honky-tonks.
    “good-time urban cowboy fare with a hint of honky-tonk and a healthy measure of rock

Arriving in Nashville, TN, I knew I had to make time for Lower Broadway – to wander the street’s strip of honky tonk bars and see what was going on.

I was just as interested to hear the songs as to see the patrons. Little did I know that I would also encounter Elvis:

Nashville - Tootsie's Elvis

And the crowd was happy to see him. He belted out a great rendition of Suspicious Minds, but afterwards spent a lot of time greeting the crowd, which prompted one of the band members to shout out “Elvis can now leave the building.”

Not a country music fan, don’t like crowds, not into bars? Try to get over it – wandering this street, seeing what’s going on and how the fans are enjoying the music is worth every second of discomfort. Whether its the endless parade of tight jeans and cowboy boots or hair styles that defy gravity – go get a dose of flashy country fun, Lower Broadway style in Nashville.

Nashville - Tootsies

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