Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 16, 2014

The silence and the light

There is something unique about waking up in a new place. As I awoke this morning, not because of a shrieking alarm or confusion about where I am (although both of those things do happen), I was awoken by the silence.

Quebec - Baie St Paul morning sky

I’m regularly staying in places I’ve never been before – and although I cannot call myself an expert, I can definitely offer an opinion of the sensation.

Unlike when I awake in my apartment in downtown Toronto, where the sounds of traffic, streetcars and the barks of excited dogs from the park are the norm, waking up in Baie-St-Paul, Quebec at Hotel La Ferme, offered none of those sounds.

It was quiet – no winds whistling through the trees, no sounds of car or trucks driving over the snow. I wasn’t too hot under the duvet or too cold because I couldn’t figure out the thermostat.

There were no lights shining through my windows – I like the sensation of seeing the sky change, and welcoming the morning sun.

But why did I wake up? Anticipation. Excitement, Curiosity.

What will I find when I explore today? And that one thought was enough to propel me out of bed and into the shower.

My camera is ready and my mind is open – discovery mode is within me. Allons-y!

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