Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 17, 2014

The wilds of Le Massif

Quebec - Le Massif snowshoe tracksI’ve never truly pictured myself an adventurer.

I explore, discover, learn and interpret as I travel – but to be an adventurer? Not this city girl.

But I have my moments, when I’m willing to throw myself into an experience and imagine what its like to be the first person to be in a place.

As I ventured along the trail at Le Massif on my snowshoes, I didn’t feel that jolt initially.

But as I wandered my way down the main trail and then took the snowshoe trail into the forest and up the mountain, I had that flash.

What if I had to follow animal tracks to feed myself?

What if I had to melt the snow or ice for drinking water?

Or what would I do to create shelter when the sunlight faded into dusk and night?

It wasn’t that cold – just around zero, a cloudy day and as I kept going kilometre after kilometre, I was warm from head to toe.

All I knew that as I trudged along, the only sound I heard was my snowshoes. No creatures were stirring in the mid-morning.

And my trail – hard to see – was just slight shadows in the snow.

But for my mind, it was a grand adventure – imagining all kinds of possibilities.

And for a city girl – its the perfect way to indulge in Mother Nature’s beautiful winter embrace – and know that the urban welcome of a warm lodge was at the end of my three hour journey.

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