Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 24, 2014

The lure of Mother Nature

Florida - Palm Is beach view

It’s no surprise to me that so many of us want to travel to the seashore and wake up to a view like this seen above.

This is my morning view from Palm Island Resort, on the Gulf side of Florida. Like my beloved west coast of British Columbia, its a laid-back, naturally focused area, proud to see more trees and flowers than highrises and nightclubs.

As I woke up and looked out my window, I spotted a few birds, saw the breeze moving the tall grasses and planned my walk to the beach.

There’s not a lot of change to this beach – the endless patches of grasses lead to sand streaked with shells, and occasional piles of seaweed. The sea is a bit rough and a bit cold – but its no less pretty to this water-obsessed traveller.

Although I’m constantly grateful for being able to learn and explore when I’m travelling, I’m also even more grateful for those moments when I can silently applaud Mother Nature for another amazing creation.


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