Posted by: Waheeda Harris | January 30, 2014

This is my Toronto

It’s not about our hard-to-ignore and controversial Mayor Rob Ford. It’s not about celeb singer Justin Bieber, who has turned being charged with assault into a public appearance and papparazzi opportunity.

It’s about Toronto residents – who despite knowing that we live in Canada aka The Great White North – we don’t want to experience winter. And I count myself as one of those who dislikes winter, especially in this city.

Its about January – and friends, this is what January should look like – cold, snowy, blustery and in some cases, even beautiful.

Toronto - winter day

You’ll know us when you see us – dressed in black, walking quickly, driving fast and not making any form of contact  with fellow residents as we try to get from A to B.

We’ve lost our manners, confirmed a bleak outlook and increased our complaining – and even when the temperatures rise from negative double digits to close to zero, slush becomes another fixation of our ire. We are a city of almost three million, trying to cope with winter and we don’t like it one bit.

We’re wearing our polar fleece, Goretex, down jackets (especially Canada Goose) and Sorel boots (or for those trendy types, Hunter boots with wool liners). We’re crowding into the buses, streetcars and subways since walking isn’t as enjoyable – and we’re walking into restaurants, bars and any inside place and the first thing we declare is – goddammit its cold!

So forgive us if you visit this city right now – we’re not at our best. But we’ll survive and live to tell the tales of winter – and hopefully we’ll feel a bit better about it all soon – maybe by April?

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